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Then, cover any pimples, redness, or dark spots on your face with the concealer and blend it in.Concealer can help you to hide the dark spots and acne on the face.Before you apply concealer, wash your face and put on a moisturizer.Then use concealer only where you need it, like on undereye circles and blemishes, advises makeup artist.

Adding a layer of blush will give that extra touch, but make sure you pick a cream, satin, or matte formula, NO glitter.

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With time this whole routine should take a minute or even lesser.

Using a primer or concealer will help prevent any feathering (when your lipstick sinks into the fine lines around your lips).Use very little concealer to begin with, let it settle onto your skin for 3 - 4 minutes and apply more only if need be.

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The more area is covered up with concealer, the more places there are for the concealer to sink into.Some people do it under their foundation using a creme bronzer, as well as the highlight and then add a light foundation over it.Infused with Vitamin E and Community Trade marula oil, the long-wearing formula comes in five shades to provide silky-smooth coverage for your skin tone.

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This may be optional, if your skin is dry and you feel like your concealer stays in place, but finally I set my concealer using a powder.Concealers can alter the color of the shadow forcing you to apply more product or lose the true pigment of your desired shade — which is the opposite of what you want, especially when working with a particularly unique hue (think duochromes and bright shades).Concealers are applied on specific areas of the skin where there are marks, spots, pimples, acne or zits - in order to cover them up.

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This is one of the first brands, of possibly many to come, who has brought out a BB Cream to the drugstore.Step 1: Put concealer under your eyes Step 2: Put concealer all over your face.Used correctly, concealer can brighten a tired face, it can cover up blemishes and it can totally conceal under-eye circles.

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In short: Foundation is designed to be used all over the face, whilst concealer is designed to be used sparingly and only on areas where you need that bit extra coverage.Once you have done this you can then press your eye shadow into the eyelid.Efudex ( fluorouracil)is a topical cream that has remained the GOLD STANDARD for treatment of pre-cancers called actinic keratosis.

Use the lighter color under eyes, and darker shade for the rest of the face.Do not rub, as it may harm the acne. d) Even after pressing if you think it appears like an extra makeup on your face, just press the area with a dry tissue.Our all-in-one concealer is lightweight, hardworking, formula that works to camouflage imperfections and bags.Make sure you arch your brows, because your eyes need a good frame.The next step when learning how to apply face makeup is to use either a foundation brush or sponge to evenly apply foundation all over your face.

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Then, apply primer with your fingers to ensure your makeup lasts all day.You can use your hands or foundation brush, it’s up to you.If you have a pimple on your chest or back that you need to conceal, cover the trouble spots with a concealer that matches your skin tone exactly, and then top it with a translucent powder.This trick on how to apply concealer on face can be tried when you heading out for a special event.